Who We Are

In June 2011 four Viennese Guys – Mat, Ottomatic, Rainer Unfriede & Stanley Stiffla – who share their love for music, sat together to realize an idea that came to their minds. Since September 2013 Nina Ninch is also part of the team, she replaced Rainer Unfriede. In fall of 2015 Helmut has joined the crew and since March 2016 the Fear le Funk favorite and often booked guest behind the turntables, Ra-b Groovebuz has enriched the collective, which has become a official club meanwhile. But what is the deal with Fear le Funk? It’s the love for Hip Hop, especially for the beats. The only credo: it’s essential that they are independent and ambitious. Fear le Funk stands for the support of independent artists and their musical work in order to enrich the subculture of Vienna. An independent platform shall be given to aspiring artists and high class tracks from today. Mainly for dope Hip Hop music of any kind, but without reservations to other genres. In order to celebrate the two year existence of Fear le Funk in Fall 2013, a first release has been put together. Fear le Funk – The Compilation, which is out and purchasable now, has been released in December 2013 and consists of 24 fantastic tracks from almost every artist who did Fear le Funk the honor of being their guest in the first two years.

Through their longtime and wide-ranging experience in the areas of event management and concert organization for various austrian Hip Hop bands, the Fear le Funk event and promotion collective possesses the necessary know-how in order to enrich Vienna with a fresh, innovative and inspiring series of events. Because: “Its got to be funky” (James Brown)